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This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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"Algebraic Expressions as Design Elements" by Lana Schneider
From the FiberArts.Org site.

"Ashenhurst Rule" by Peggy Osterkamp
Peggy explains how to calculate your sett with difficult yarns.

"Calendaring" by Lana Schneider
From the FiberArts.Org site.

Comfort at the Loom
From Joanne Hall, information on how to save yourself some aches and pains.

Common Yarns Sett Chart
The Schacht site includes suggested setts for various yarns. But of course you'll still sample.

Counterbalance Loom, Jack-Type loom, Countermarch loom and NEW Jack-Type loom with Back Hinge Treadle
From LeClerc, a wonderful page with information comparing the types of looms.

"Creating Small Handwoven Motifs for Note Cards" by Lillian A. Whipple
Lillian does such exquisite weavings. This article's on taquete.

"Double Hole Rigid Heddle Weaving" translated by Ingrid K. Hanssen
From the FiberArts.Org site.

Hints for Weavers
From Lois Larsen's site, Hints from Mary Andrews.

"Horsehair as a Textile" by Kerstin Froberg
At the FiberArts.org site, discusses weaving with horsehair.

How to Build a Frame Loom
From the Hallnet Virtual Gallery site, information on how to build a loom.

"How to Tie a Weaver's Knot" by Peggy Osterkamp
Basic information -- and still useful.

How to Warp a Frame Loom
And then what to do with it. (From the Hallnet Virtual Gallery site.)

Jack Looms
Joanne Hall discusses jack looms.

Loom Accessories and Plans
The Half Way Tree site contains a great selection of information for people who want to make their own.

Loom-Shaped Clothing
The FiberArts.Org site contains this article by by Gloria Vaughn Hann.

Loom Tie-up Instructions
From Joanne Hall, these tie-up instructions have detailed step-by-step instructions with diagrams.

"Mangling" by Kerstin Frõberg
Kerstin explains the process of mangling.

"Sett for Balanced, Warp-faced, and Weft-faced Fabrics" by Peggy Osterkamp
Peggy writes some of the best weaving books that I know of. Her site offers excellent information and an introduction to her books.

Sources of Loom Building Plans
The Half Way Tree site contains a great selection of information for people who want to make their own.

"Steel Yarn Macrogauze" by Peter Collingwood
Peter writes about his experience working with steel yarn.

"Types of Looms" by Joanne Hall
The FiberArts.org site explains the differences between these looms.

"Some Comments on Texsolv" by Susanne Kallstenius
A great article on these heddles.

"Threading without Mistakes" by Peggy Osterkamp
I'm sure that besides always sampling, you never make mistakes... No? Here's an article to help.

"Tying on New Warps" by Peggy Osterkamp
Basic information -- and still useful.

Warp and Weft Calculations
Another useful information sheet from the good folks at Schacht.

"Warping Drum" by Peggy Osterkamp
Peggy's site includes information on warping drums (and how to make one).

Warp Sett Reed Substitution Chart
Schacht helps you to figure out how to use the reed you have for the project you want to do.

"Washing Wool Fiber and Textiles" by Tom Beaudet
At the FiberArts.org site, Tom explains the difference between soap and detergent and the five factors of felting.

Weaving Loom Plans
Based in England, the Craft Designs people sell plans to make various textile equipment.

Weaving as an Analogy for Architectural Design
Weaving has often been used as an analogy to describe various systems in our world. This paper, by Craig Griffin, interweaves weaving and architecture.

"Wet Finishing" by Laura Fry
Another great article from the FiberArts.org site.

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