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This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

If you would like to have a site listed, please send email to: Rosemary Brock

Anna Adam
Located in Wales, this tapestry artist makes pieces that show a different image of her home.

Archive of Tapestries
The text says, "A Timeless History of Tapestry and Wall Hangings". It's a collection of wonderful images.

Pat Bloor
Her site is a reminder of the wonderful work that Pat Bloor did.

The Cloisters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Located in at the Fort Tryon Park in Manhatten, this museum is devoted to the art of medieval Europe.

Galleria delle Tappezzerie
The Christus Rex site has this wonderful site showing some of the Vatican tapestries.

The Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies
Located in Arizona, this center focuses on tapestry.

"Soumak Weaving for the Beginner... " by Joanna Gleason
From the Gleason's Fine Woolies' site, shows examples of Joanna's Soumak tapestries

Daniel A. Klinglesmith
Located in Soccoro, NM, a collection of this artist's work.

Nancy Kozikowski's tapestries
From the Dartmouth Street Gallery, some of Nancy's tapestries.

Lialia Kuchma
Lialia's page, part of the AB Chicago Gallery site.

Christine Laffer
Chris came and gave an excellent talk to our guild. Here's an introduction for you.

Mirrix Tapestry Studio
Claudia Chase's studio, specializing in wall hangings.

Rosa Rio
Rosa's tapestries are wonderful works, often with embellishments.

Running Moon Farm
Lloyd Stratten makes beautiful tools for fiber artists.

Sara Swett's Tapestries
Up in Idaho, Sarah is producing tapestry art pieces out of her handspun, natural-dyed wool.

Alvin Tapia
Located in NM, this artists does tapestry along with his painting and sketching.

The Thread of New Mexico
From the Collector's Guide site, information on tapestry weavers in New Mexico.

Kathe Todd-Hooker
Be sure to check Kathe's gallery to see one of her sewing thread tapestries.

Located in Australia, this site includes the work Vera Libuse Hazelgrove.

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