Rug Weaving

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Archaeology and Anatolian Slit-Tapestry Weaving
From the WAMRI site.

Chinese Rugs
From the Textile-Art commercial site, examples of these rugs.

Cult Kelim
From the WAMRI site.

DOBAG Turkish Rugs
The commercial site that supports the DOBAG project.

From Desert and Oasis: The Rugs of Central Asia
The Georgia Museum of Art.

Hooked Rugs
Information on how to make hooked rugs, where to buy supplies, and even a gallery.

How oriental rugs are made
From the Atiyeh commercial site, an explanation of the techniques used.

Jews and Carpets
From the Hebrew History Federation, an article by Anton Felton and Samuel Kwinsky. This article is full of wonderful information and images.

Marla Mallett
Besides being the author of "Woven Strucutes: A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis", Marla has a great collection of information on her site.

Mysteries of the Maghreb: Rugs and Textiles of North Africa
This museum show is long closed, but the site has excellent pictures!

Barry O'Connell's Rug Notes
Barry includes a large collection of links related to rugs on his site.
This commercial site carries a large selection of old, hand-knotted carpets. Besides having wonderful pictures of the various rugs, they also have a wealth of knowledge.

Oriental Rug Review
This publication's site is complete with articles and pictures.

Rug Makers Homestead
This commercial site also includes information on rag rugs.

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets
A site sponsored by the Math Forum and the Textile Museum.

Turkman Trappings
From the WAMRI site.

A non-commercial site dedicated to collectable rug weavings.

"Use of Certain Rug Dyes as Markers of Age of Oriental Rugs" by Paul Mushak
From the Oriental Rug Review.

Soumak and Kelim Weaving of the Caucus
From the WAMRI site.

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