Weaving Drafts

This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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Andy's Baby Blanket
From the Edmonton Weavers Guild, a 4-harness baby blanket out of strong colors.

Basic Weaves
This wonderful site includes a description and an actual photograph of many basic weave structures. Sadly, it takes awhile to load.

A Christmas Tea Towel
From the Edmonton Weavers Guild, an 8-harness project

Double Weave
From Paul O'Conner, excellent directions for two double weaving projects. (Gives you a clue about just how good his books are!)

Draft Analysis
Judy Eatough's site includes the article she wrote for the Complex Weaver's CAD study group.

EWG Towel Exchange
From the Edmonton Weavers, a collection of dish towels from their towel exchange.

House of Tartans
If you need to find the family tartan, this is the place to start!

Kathy's Jacket Fabric
From the Edmonton Weavers Guild, information on a member's project using handspun woven up into a crackle weave.

Lace Tablecloth
From the Edmonton Weavers Guild, another 4-harness project.

LeClerc Patterns
Every other month, the LeClerc site posts a new pattern featuring Maurice Brassard & Fils' yarns.

"Sample/Napkin in a Tenth Century Linen Weave" by Carolyn Priest-Dorman

Textured Stripe Placemats
From the Edmonton Weavers Guild, information on weaving these 4-harness placemats.

Weaving Draft Project
Nancy Hanger's collection of drafts.

What is Dimity?
From the Edmonton Weavers Guild answers this question.

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