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The Advantages of Wool
Located in St. Peter, MN, The St. Peter Woolen Mill sells a line of wool-filled bedding. This page lists some of the reasons you might like wool-filled bedding.

American Wool Market
The American Sheep Industry Association has a page that talks about the wool market. This information is geared for the commercial market, but still is interesting. Apparently there's a wool warehouse in the California bay area?

"Be Nice to be your Sheep Shearer" by Mike Neary
Purdue offers this article to help take care of your sheep shearer.

Breeds of Sheep
Oklahoma State University's page that actually shows you what a California Varigated Mutant looks like (usually referred to as a CVM).

From Purdue, an explanation of wool characteristics.

Characteristics of American Wool
The SheepUSA site talks about wool.

Clean & Care
This site, from Wools of New Zealand, discusses various wool properties.

Considerations on Buying a Fleece
Sandy Sitzman, Woolgatherings, offers advice on buying a fleece.

Fiber Preparation
The Taos Valley Wool Mill gives clear, step-by-step directions on preparing wool before they process it.

Fiber to Fashion - Unabridged printable copy
From the Woolmark folks, a great source of information about wool.

Fleece Selection
From the ISeeSpots Farm, information on selecting a Jacob fleece (although the information is good for other types too!).

How to Wash your Fleece
The Joy of Handspinning offers this advice.

"The Importance of Wool" by Stanley Bulbach
From the Oriental Rug Review, information on wool.

List of Breeds
This site, EAAP-Animal Genetic Data Bank, lists the type of sheep found in Europe. Well, at least the ones in the European Association for Animal Production list. Interesting site though.

Processing Wool at Custom Woolen Mills
From the Custom Woolen Mills, information on how they process the wool (complete with photos).

Sheep Breeds
This Familie Hut site in Zevenhuizen (The Netherlands?) includes several links to wonderful photos on different sheep breeds.

Sheep Breeds of Australia
This site, from James Gorman, gives information on some of their sheep.

This Shetland Wool Broker site includes a brief write up about the animals and a couple of photos.

Shetland Sheep Markings
This site, from Shetland Sheepbreeders Association, defines some of the terms used in describing Shetland Sheep.

Steps in Processing Wool into Yarn
This site from the Blackberry Ridge folks, walks you through the process.

Tierra Wools
This article, from The Collector's Guide to the Art of New Mexico site, is a nice introduction to these folks.

A Tour Around the Mill
From the Cotswold Woollen Weavers, the process of turning fleece into fabric.

Washing and Processing of Wool
From Purdue, excellent information for washing your wool at home AND an explanation of the commercial process.

"Washing Wool Fiber and Textiles" by Tom Beaudet
Tom Beaudet has this article at the ANWG site.

Washing your Fleece
Sandy Sitzman, Woolgatherings, offers advice on washing a fleece.

What to Avoid in Fleeces
From Margaret Peel, information on what to avoid.

Winters Work: Skirting your Fleeces by the Fire
The good folks at Tongue River Farm include this article on skirting your fleece.

Wool & Mohair Grades
From your guide, basic information on fiber grading systems.

Wool Breeds
A table of the more common wool breeds, sorted by fiber size.

The Wool Comes Off...
Images from shearing day from the folks at Gleason's Fine Woolies.

Wool Grading
This site, from Gleason's Fine Woolies, explains wool grading.

Wool Show
Gleason's Fine Woolies gives information about wool judging.

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