Wheel Information

This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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Ancient Phoenician Spindle Whorl
From the Elaine Benfatto's site, information on an ancient whorl she purchased.

Build your own Spinning Wheel
Chris Jordan's site provides sources for people who want to make their own wheel.

Chosing a Spinning Wheel
From Marie-Christine Mahe's site, information with a soupcon of commentary about selecting a spinning wheel.

Collected Wisdom from the Ashford-Spinners
From the Foxglove Fiber site, information for Ashford wheel owners.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spinning Wheels
Christine Jordan's excellent site!

Selecting a Spinning Wheel
This site, from the Woolery, makes suggestions on how to select a wheel.

Spindle Reviews
The Spindlitis site has reviews on various hand spindles.

Spinning with a Top-Whorl Drop Spindle
Carole Cassidy-Fayer, Lollipops, gives step-by-step directions on using a drop spindle.

Thoughts on an Italian Handspindle
From the Elaine Benfatto's site, images of an interesting spindle.

What Finish to put on an Unfinished Ashford Kit?
From the Ashford-USA site, suggestions on how to finish your unfinished wheel.

Wheel Tune Up Time
Information on wheel maintenance.

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