Spindle Spinning

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Alden Amos Demonstrates: Making shafts for spindle whorls
Elaine Benfatto's site shows the elusive Alden Amos at work.

Cheryl Benda provides information for spindle spinners.

How to make a Drop Spindle
From the Joy of Handspinning site.

Learn to Spin with a Drop Spindle
The Monroe Historical Society provides step-by-step directions.

Making a CD Spindle (SPIN-List)
The Spin List site explains how to reuse your leftover CD's.

Making a Spindle
Esther, the estrogen-enhanced entity, explains how to make a spindle.

Making Yarn with a Spindle
From the Joy of Handspinning site.

Spindle Reviews
Teri Pittman's warns you that selecting a spindle is a very personal choice. I agree, but also think she provides a great starting point.

Spinning with a Top-Whorl Drop Spindle
From the Lollipops' site, information on using a top-whorl spindle.

Spindle Hook Tuning
Hatchtown Farms explains how to fix your spindle.

Wrist Distaff
Elaine Benfatto provides excellent directions on making a wrist distaff.

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