Silk Fiber Information

This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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Department of Textiles
From the Smithsonian Institution, information on silk (bottom part of the page).

From Mulberry Leaf to Silk Worm
From the folks at Khemara, information on the silk production.

How Silk is Produced
The Henry Bertrand site offers images and information on silk production.

Nishikie Gallery
The Silk Laboratory at the Shinshu University has some wonderful images from the gallery showing seriaculture.

Old Silk Machinery
At the Shinshu University's Silk Laboratory, some images of old silk production equipment.

Production of Silk Fibre
This site, from the TexGuide folks, is part of their Interactive Learning area.

The Ancient Route site discusses trade routes around the Mediterranean.

From the site, information on silk.

The Silk Routes
The Europe of Cultural Cooperation site explains the value of silk as a unifying influence for Europe.

Silk Worm to Silk Thread
From the folks at Khemara, information on the silk production.

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