Fiber Information

This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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Fabric Identifiation
From the site, information to help you figure just what kind of fiber you have.

Fiber Characteristics
This site from FabricLink, discusses both synthetic and natural fibers.

Fiber Identification using Burning Behavior
This site, is from Cornell's TXA135 class.

Fleece for the Birds
Marie-Christine offers a suggestion for your odds and ends of fiber.

Fulling and Felting
Yet another well-written article by Marie-Christine Mahe.

Natural Fibers: A resource about various animal fibers
Silverbrook Meadows offers some information on different fiber types.

"A Prickly Question" by Mike Safley
From the Northwest Alpacas site, an article on why some garments prickle and others don't. Apparently size does matter.

Suggestions for National Spinning and Weaving Week
This site, from HGA, offers suggestions to make spinning more visible in your community.

Wool & Mohair Grades
From your guide, basic information on fiber grading systems.

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