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Blackberry Quilts
Stephanie Russell offers a variety of quilt kits and supplies.

Cottonwood Quilts
Besides selling supplies, this quilt shop's site offers instructions and free quilt patterns.

Esprit and its Quilt Collection
From the Revere site, a description of this wonderful collection of quilts.

International Quilt Study Center
From the University of Nebraska-Lincoln site.

Interactive Pages
The Wooly Thoughts folks have a great site for designing afghans -- but it's also useful for quilters.

Native Quilting Traditions
From the Smithsonian's site.

Quilt du Jour
Charlene McCain's site contains quilt patterns.

Quilt National
Brian Shapiro maintains a site showing some of the quilts from this show.

Quilting Techniques
The Quilter's Online Resource maintains this.

Julie Coghill's site includes some links to interesting design thoughts.

Robin Cowley
This California quilter sells her work both directly and through various galleries.

Studio Art Quilt Association
This group was founded in 1989 to serve artists working in the art quilt medium. Be sure to check out their gallery!

Maureen Thomas
Located in in England, this quilter also teaches.

"Twining Roses and Indigo Leaves: A Rebirth of Gold Rush Quilts" by Chiori Santiago
From the Oakland Museum site.

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