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Are You Caught in Design Gridlock?
From the Caron Collection, a good way to get started.

Backgrounds -- Alternatives to Basketweave
From the ANG site, an article on different ideas for backgrounds.

Circles Impossible?
For people who are defeated by circles, ANG has republished this great article by Mary Fry on how to create perfect needlepoint circles.

Developing your Creative "Side" Part I
The Caron Collection has a great collection of articles. This one is a wonderful article by Lois Caron on learning how to be creative.

Developing your Creative "Side" Part II
From the Caron Collection, the follow-on article.

Dictionary of Needlepoint
The ANG hosts many excellent classes and shows. This example, from Michigan, reminded me of why I have a lot to learn about needlepoint.

Double Straight Cross Stitch
Another article from the Caron Collection written by Ann Caswell.

Needlepointing a House
From the ANG site, step-by-step instructions on how to needlepoint a picture of a house.

A Guide to Needlepoint
The Needlepoint Group has a good introductory article on getting started.

History Lessons
The 2BusyStitching site includes a growing list of lessons.

How Do I Store Antique Textiles at Home?
This article from the Smithsonian, talks about how to care for your old textiles.

How Much Fabric Calculator
Kathleen Dyer's site includes a fabric calculator.

How to Avoid Bleeding Colors
The Stitcher's Paradise site warns how to avoid this problem. (I know I could have used this advice before I used that dark red...)

How to Form Basic Stitches
Short, clear explanation of different types of tent stitches.

How to Make Cross Stitch Charts in Photoshop 4.0
Linda profides detailed step-by-step instruction showing you how to convert a photo in a chart with Photoshop.

How to Paint a Needlepoint Canvas
From the Wooly Dreams site, information on how to paint your own canvas.

How to Stretch and Frame Your Work
Classic Stitches helps you to take your completed needlework and, well, finish it.

Jean McIntosh Needlepoint Technique
A short introduction to basic needlepoint.

Needle Size
From the Needlecraft Showcase, an article by Shay Pendray, on selecting the appropriate sized needle.

One Hour Needlepoint Course
The NeedlepointFun site makes this it seem pretty easy.

Optical Color Blending
By Lois Caron, this article shows you how to blend color using solid or multicolored threads.

Perforated Paper
From the Caron Collection an introduction to this old-fashioned form of needlework.

The ANG has another wonderful article. This time introducing this Japanese embroidery technique.

Stitching for Effect
A wonderful introduction to thread and stitch choice for great needlepoint effects at the Caron Collection site.

Stitching with Waste Canvas
The Heart Blossems' site includes instructions for using waste canvas to stitch on fabric.

Jeannette's Needlecraft Shop site includes an article on tramme canvases.

Two Pass Needlepoint
John Hallack's on a different way to do tent stitch.

Washing and Blocking Your Finished Work
Martha Beth Lewis provides advice on these essential finishing steps.

Working with Waste Canvas
CamoRoze includes information on using waste canvas.

What is Needlepoint?
From the ANG site, a brief description of needlepoint followed by many wonderful examples of the art.

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