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"Illinois Jacquard Coverlets and Weavers" By Kristan H. McKinsey and Nancy Iona Glick with Katherine H. Malumby
The Newton Bee published this fine article.

"Nothing beats a sheep in an overcoat Wheels of timeless ancient craft still turning in modern hands" by Deborah K. Rich
In March'05, the San Francisco Chronicle carried an article on hand spinning.

"In the heart of the New West, the sheep win one" by Ray Ring and Mary Frei
This article, from the High Country News (10/16/95), describes the efforts of Antonio Manzanares to keep sheep ranching in Chama Valley, NM.

"Stolen stitches online rock needlepoint world" by Pawan Raj Shakya
From CNN, information about plagarism.

"Vegetable Dyes: Multifold Advantages" by Pawan Raj Shakya
From The Ris1ng Nepal, an article on vegetable dyeing.

"Woman's loom gives intruder the bounce" by Peter Porco
From the Anchorage Daily, (4/14/99), a close encounter with a moose.

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