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Acadian Textile Terms
Terms used by the Acadians in Louisiana in athe 19th and 19th century.

Carpet History and Definitions List
From the Woven Treasures site, Eastern carpet terms.

Colour Science Glossary
From Ronnier Luo and Peter Rhodes, a glossary for dyers.

Dyer's Glossary of Terms
From ProChem, a glossary for dyers.

Fabric Glossary and Textile Terms
FabrickLink has a list of terms and definitions used throughout their site.

Fiber Crafts Dictionaries
This site contains English-German dictionaires.

This site, from the Woolmark folks, provides a glossary of terms.

Glossary of Craft Terms
From the Penny Nii Gallery.

International Glossary of Knitting Terms
From Kim Brody Salazar, an international glossary to help you use the non-English books you bought.

Multilinguil Textile Dictionary
This site from TexNet gives you the option to get the translations between French/Italian/German/English.

Terms and Definitions
From rb, terms used throughout this site.

Textile Dictionary
From the Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design.

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