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Bibliography of Sources for Information on Period Tablet Weaves
Carolyn Priest- Dorman.

The Beryl Dunn Weaving and Fibre Reference Collection
Located in Canada, the books and magazines in this collection can be borrowed through the interlibrary loan.

Fabric and Textile Analysis Bibliography
Part of Ralph Griswold's site.

Historical Quotes about Textiles
From Ruth Scheuing's site.

Just What Exactly is "Whyt Samyt" Anyway?
A handweaver's bibliography of sources for technical information on divers weaves and setts of the Roman Empire, Middle Ages, and Renaissance.

From Ruth Scheuing's site.

Name Drafting Bibliography
Part of Ralph Griswold's site

Readings in Contemporary Textiles
Compiled by Patricia Williams, Art Department, Eastern Michigan University.

Roger Milliken Textile Library Catalog
This site, from the Institute of Textile Technology, provides an amazing bibliography sorted by Author, Title, or Subject.

Textile Arts of the Islamic World
The University of Michigan has a bibliography which they credit to the Textile Museum.

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