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This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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Caculating Yarn Substitutions
From Vogue Knitting, step-by-step instructions (including drawings).

Comments on General Reference Knitting Books
From the Knit Review folks.

"Dishrags? We don't Need No Stinking Dishrags!" by Judy A. Cilcain
From the Remnants site, an article on dishrags.

Double Knitted Textured Stitches Sweater
From Emily Lynne Wilcox.

Entrelac at a Different Angle
Another design from Emily Lynne Wilcox.

Ethnic Color Knitting
Donna M. Hrynkiw's work.

Esther Bozack's Knitting Page
Esther has a great collection of links and patterns here.

We've all heard about knitting a swatch. Vogue Knitting provides instructions on using a knitting gauge.

Interactive Pages
The Wooly Thoughts folks have a great site for designing afghans.

Invisible Seams
From the Borealis Sweaterscapes site, information on this handy technique.

International Glossary of Knitting Terms
From Kim Brody Salazar, an international glossary to help you use the non-English books you bought.

Introduction to Knitting
National Needlework Association's site is wonderfully illustrated.

Jamieson & Smith to Starmore Color Comparison Chart
On Carlin's site, a comparison of the two brands of Shetland wools.

Knit Review
Jean Chang maintains this site where people submit reviews on knitting books.

Lois Baker's collection of links.

Knitting Help
This site includes several videos to help you with your knitting.

Knitting Needle Size based on Yarn Size
From the FiberLink site, a chart to help pick the right needle. (But you still need to knit a swatch!)

Knitting Needle Conversions
Donna M. Hrynkiw has included a handy chart on her site.

Knitting Symbols
From Adraiafil Comerciale provides a handy chart showing the symbols for graphing knitting.

Knitting Techniques
Mary Ellen Meisters' site.

Knitting Techniques
From the DNT site, animated knitting techniques.

Knitting Tutorials
The SweaterScapes site offers a variety of informational articles.

Knitting with Colors
Janika Puolitaival and Sari Sippola created this Kaffe Fassett site.

Learn Intarsia Knitting
From the Borealis Sweaterscapes site, information on this handy technique.

Learn to Knit
From Vogue Knitting, step-by-step instructions (including drawings).

Learning to Create Charts
An online source of knitting graph paper.

Mini Knitting Lessons From the sock knitter's mailing list, a page showing techniques complete with photos.

Picking up Stitches
From the Borealis Sweaterscapes site, information on how to pick up stitches along a neckline.

Short Row Wrapping
From the Borealis Sweaterscapes site, information on this handy technique.

Shoulder Seams -- Binding off Together
From the Borealis Sweaterscapes site, information on this handy technique.

Stitch Glossary
Vogue Knitting presents a series of photos showing the stitches.

Studies in Jogless Stripes
Judy Gibson's site includes information about how to knit in the round and avoid the evil jog.

TechKnit archives
These are the archives from one of the knitting lists.

Technical Instructions
From the Adriafil Comerciale site, information on how to do some basic stitches (complete with drawings).

Techniques and Abbreviations
More from Vogue Knitting. This time, a list of knitting terms and abbreviations from their magazine.

A Trio of Easy Mosaic Knitting Projects
From Esther Bozak's site, notes from a lecture she gave to her guild.

Wool Works Knitting Compendium
A very large collection of knitting sites.

Yarn Estimation Chart
Bright Meadow Farms provides a table to estimate the amount of yarn you'll need.

Yarn Sizes and Substitutions
From the FiberLink site.

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