Free Knitting Patterns

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Noble Knits:

Carlin's Knitting Patterns
Carlin has amassed a goodly collection of patterns on his page.

Esther Bozack's Knitting Page
Esther has a great collection of links and patterns here.

Noel Clark's Knitting Patterns
Noel includes patterns for a reversable headband and a ski cap.

Crochet Patterns
From the Planet Shoup site, patterns for crocheters.

Down Under Diaper Cover
The Born2Luv site includes a pattern to make your own "soakers".

5-Hour Baby Sweater Pattern
The FiberLink site has this pattern originally posted by Anne Stoddard.

Fleece-Stuffed Mitts
The Trembling Prairie Station Mohair Farm offers up this pattern.

Georgia Coombs Historical Knitting
A lovely collection of knitting patterns from the 1880's.

Godey's Lady's Book
This Hope Greenberg University of Vermont site includes information and pattern from this publication.

The Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan Sweater
The Woolworks site offers these easy directions.

Historical Knitting Patterns
From Sarah Tromgley's site at Harvard.

Knit or Crochet Soakers
From the Mother's Helping Hands site, diaper covers for you child.

Knitting Patterns from the Past
Suzu leads a more glamourous life than most of us and in her spare time collects patterns.

KnitList FAQ 3: Popular Projects
From the Wool Works site, a list of popular projects.

KnitList Gifts Patterns
For several years, patterns were collected to help people make gifts for their loved ones.

Knitting Pure and Simple
This site includes several nice patterns.
This online publication for knitters includes patterns for knitters.

Octagonal Swirl Cloths
From Manny Olds, directions for knit facecloths.

Original Knitting Patterns
Judy Gibson includes a great collection of patterns for knitters.

Spiral Knit Hat
Lorraine Major provides information on knitting an infants' stocking hat.

The Tapdancing Lizard Page
Designs from Catherine Cartwright-Jones and Roy Jones.

WWII Patterns
From Esther Bozak's site, a whole series of WWII patterns designed to help the troops.

Yarn Ball
Judy's 12-section yarn ball.

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