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Birgitte Krag Hansen
Be sure to check out this felter's gallery! (along with the informational pages)

Birkeland Brothers Wool
3573 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N4, Canada, 604.874.4734

Black Sheep Designs
Located in Rensselaerville, NY, Sharon Costello also offers felting classes.

Cobweb Felt
From the Outback Fiber site, information for felters.

Directions for a Needle-Felted Teddy Bear
The Black Swamp Spinners Guild offers directions on making a teddy bear.

Felting: The fabulous art of removing air and wonderfully clean hands!
From Gleason's Fine Woolies, information on how to felt.

Felting Artists
There are some extraordinary felting artists. Here's a start of a list.

Felting Hints
From Pat Spark's wonderful site for felters, a collection of hints.

Fiber Felting Test
Caryll Bilbao explains how to determine if your fleece is appropriate for felting.

A Felting Project in Greenland
This article, by Birgitte Krag Hansen, describes a series of workshops she did. And be sure to check out the finished projects

Fulling and Felting
Yet another well-written article by Marie-Christine Mahe.

Gnome Sweet Gnome
Located in BC, Canada, a site for dry felting supplies.

Hansard Welsh Design
This gallery sells custom-made felted hats.

Hat on a Bucket
From the Outback Fiber site, information for felters.

Hat Shapers
Carol Marston carries plastic hat shapers. (Good luck on trying to find the old wood ones!)

Living Felt
Located in Goleta, CA, this site offers supplies and classes for felters.

Marr Haven Farm
Located in Michigan, this farm carries supplies for felters.

Needle Felt a Doll
Sharon Costello provides information on how to make three-dimensional pieces with using the dry felting needles.

Peace Fleece Batting
The folks at Peace Fleece also sell supplies for felting.

Tips for Beginning Felters
From the Outback Fiber site, information for felters.

A wholesale source for felting needles (with links to their retailers).

URL of this page: http://www.textilelinks.com/costume/index.html

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