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This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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Alaska Native Costume Bibliography
From the site.

The Art of Being Kuna: Layers of Meaning Among the Kuna of Panama
From the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, images of their molas.

Books about Navajo Weaving
From the Smithsonian, a bibliography to get you started.

A Brief Social History of Navajo Weaving
From the Collector's Guide site.

Chronology of Textiles and Fiber Art in New Mexico
From the Collector's Guide site.

Coastal Moving Image Gallery
This site from Canada, allows you to download movie images taken by Harlan I. Smith, an anthropologist in the 1920's. There's one labeled "Tsimahian Wool Weaving" and one called "Nuu-cha-nulth Cedar Weaving" (among others).

"Collecting Contemporary Navajo Weavings" by Michael Webb
From the Collector's Guide, information on collecting current Navajo weavings.

Cojolya Association of Maya Women Weavers
Located in Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, this group provides a venue for the Mayan weavers to sell their work.

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
Located in Colorado, this 110-acre site offers a variety of ways of studying the Native American culture.

Lolli Jacobsen discusses some of the textile work being done in Leon Nicaragua.

The Goddesses of the Borgia Group Codexes
Figure 4 on this page shows the goddess Tiazolteotl and her headdress made of unspun cotton with two gold spindles full of cotton on top of it!

The Heard Museum
Located in Phoenix, AZ, this museum carries excellent examples of textile art.

Hopi Indian Information Site
Besides other information, this site includes informaton on Hopi art.

Huichol Indian Yarn Painting from Mexico
From the MexicoConnect site.

Ice Mummies of the Inca
From our friends at PBS, information on this amazing Nova show.

Indian Basket Museum
Located in Tahoe City, CA this museum houses this collection of over 800 rare baskets, dolls, and artifacts from the Marion Steinbach collection.

"Indian Trade Blankets" by T. Harmon Parkhurst
From the Collector's Guide site.

Lords of the Earth
This site deals with the Archeology and Anthropology of the Americas.

"Magic Feathers: Textile Art from Ancient Peru" by James W. Reid
A new book is being published in 2000.

Maya Art & Books
This site includes archaeology, Maya art, Mayan pyramid architecture of Guatemala and Honduras with links to related sites and information on the role of Digital Imaging in archaeological research. (phew!)

Maya of San Andres Larrainzar
The Science Museum of Minnesota introduces us to these weavers.

National Museum of the American Indian
One of the Smithsonian Institute museums.

Native American History and Culture
This collection of links has been accummulated by the Smithsonian.

Native American Cordage
This NativeTech site shows how thigh-spinning is done.

Native American Indian Art
This is another part of the Native American Indian Resources site.

Native American Textiles and Clothing
The Native American Indian Resources site provides a wealth of information.

Navajo Art: A Way of Life
From the ArtsEdnet site, information for teachers.

The 'Ndahoo'aah program at Monument Valley High School, UT is working to preserve some of the Navajo crafts.

Notah Dineh Trading Company & Museum
This commercial site also has a museum along with excellent images of traditional Native American art.

Paracas Textiles
The site, Enjoy Peru Online, provides images of these textiles.

Peru Image Collection
This site, from the International Cultural Property Protection government agency, provides excellent images of protected work.

The Textiles Art of the Chiapas Maya
The Science Museum of Minnesota introduces us to these weavers.

The Thread of New Mexico
From the Collector's Guide site, information from some tapestry weavers.

Tunic Depicting Felines and Birds
The Art Institute of Chicago has this piece in their extensive textile collection.

"Vallero Start Blankets" by Teresa Archuleta-Sagel
From the Collector's Guide site, a description of these blankets.

C. Wetherill's Navajo Weaving Corner
Chris Wetherill's site on Navajo weaving.

Woven by the Grandmothers
From the Smithsonian's site.

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