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This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

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Adire African Textiles Gallery
Whether you're looking for motivation, or looking to purchase a very special piece, this site is working going through. They've included information on the different tribes and has both new and old pieces for sale. (Take a look at the Yoruba indigo-dyed pieces!)

African Odyssy Interactive
An exhibition of African textiles at the Kennedy Center.

African Painted and Dyed Cloth
Assembled by Lorena Montgomery.

African Textiles
Orlando Mihich has presented a site created by his students at Joan of Arc Junior High School, New York City on African Textiles.

Cotton: Field to Cloth
From AfricanCraft's site, information on the use of cotton in African textiles.

Ethnographcia African Art and Oriental Carpets
I found this site extremely difficult to load and navigate around, but it has some wonderful stuff in it.

Kuba Cosmology and Crafts and the World Wide Web
Peter Schmidt's site at Swarthmore, includes this paper on African textiles.

Patterns and Symbols in Kente and Korhogo cloths
From AfricanCraft's site, information on these African textiles.

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