Dyeing Information

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All About Color
This site from Pantone, contains links for the upcoming fashion season.

"Batik as Art" by Cathy Haight, Bambang Otoro and Dorothy "Bunny" Bowen.
From the Collector's Guide site, a description of this technique.

Color Index Hue Indication Chart
From the Society of Dyers and Colourists in the UK, a chart to make sure that you're talking about the same colors. (Or colours in the UK.)

Color, Value, and Hue
This site from Cornell, is a great introduction into color.

Costume Painting and Dyeing at the Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks
This site from Tara Maginnis, shows what you can do with surface design.

Deb Menz teaches Painted Rovings
From Elaine Benfatto, information on the last time Deb taught this course.

Discharge Dyeing
From the Quiltnet mailings, information has been compiled on this technique.

Dye History from 2600 BC to the 20th Century
This page, from the Straw into Gold site, provides an excellent timeline of dye information.

Dyeing Fibers
From the Woolworks site, information on dyeing.

Dyeing with Bleach
From the folks at Taunton, another use for bleach.

Dyeing with Gaywool Dyes
From the Joy Handspinning site, directions for usingthese synthetic dyes.

Classification of Dyes
The StainsFile offers some excellent information.

"Dyes and Dating Caucasian Weavings" by by Steven Price
From the RugReview, information on how dyes help determine when a rug was woven.

Examples and Demonstrations of Shibori Techniques
Doshi is a commercial artist making ready-to wear clothing using shibori techniques. Her site includes detailed information on shibori.

"How do we distinguish natural from synthetic dyes?"by Steven Price
From the TurkoTek site,information on determining whether something was dyed with natural or synthetic dyes.

How to Dye Cloth
From the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute, a whole lesson plan on dyeing.

How to Hand Paint Roving
From Gleason's Fine Woolies' excellent site.

Marbeling on Fabric
This site, about the Australian Rooftop Clothing company, doesn't tell you how it's done, but it shows it can be done.

A Short History of Yuzen Dyeing
From the Sei-Sen-Kyo Ueno Textile Design Lab site, information on the dyeing process that goes into making a kimono.

Studio Safety
Here's a good starting point, from the good folks at ProChem, on studio safety.

Using a Color Wheel
The MyCraftBook site contains information on using a color wheel.

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