Tools for Spinning

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Alden Amos
Alden makes it all: combs, wheels, spindles, silk reels, blockers, various combs, hackles, ...

Alvin Ramer Combs
Made in Canada, these combs are available from The Wheel Thing.

Ashford makes a variety of hand carding tools to meet your needs: regular hand cards, extra-fine hand cards, student hand cards, mini hand cards, a fixed carder (carding board), and flick carder.

Bay Colony Farm
Located in Massachusetts, these folks make tools for spinners.

Contraman Wool Combs
Don Contraman, 968 Coal Pit Road, Corvallis, MT, 406.961.4473

Davidson's Old Mill
Drum carders. Eaton Rapids, MI 48827, 517-663-2711.

Duncan Fiber Enterprises
Hand-driven and motorized carders in two widths. Clackamas OR 97105-8754, 503-658-4066.

Ewesful Creations
Jude Pilote makes a tensioned lazy kate, spindles, and threading hooks.

Fricke Enterprises
Since they 70's, these folks have been producing various fiber tools. They now sell the Fricke E-Spinner electric spinners, Spinning Wheels, Ball Winders, and various models of Skein Winders. Fricke Enterprises, 8702 State Route 92, Granite Falls, WA 98252, 360.691.5779, .

The chain-driven bench carder previously sold by the Frickes is now sold through Strauch Fiber Equipment Co.. Otto R. Strach, New Castle, VA, 540.864.8869,

Fiber Haven
They sell plans for a combing table.

Fricke Enterprises
8702 State Road 92, Granite Falls, WA, 98252. They make skein winders with or without counters.

Patrick Green Carders Ltd.
Hand-driven and motorized carders. Plus pickers and other useful tools. Chilliwack BC Canada V4Z 1A6, 604-858-6020.

Howard Hand Card
This firm has been in business for 134 years. Located in Woonsocket, RI.

Homestead Heritage
They make English wool combs. Rt. 8 Box 270K, Waco, TX (817) 829-0417

Indigo Hound
They make both English wool combs and the Viking combs. Delta, PA 17314,717.456.7645.

Journey Wheels
Besides wheels, this firm also makes top-whorl drop spindles, boat shuttles, niddy-noddies. Jonathan & Sheila Bosworth, 29 Main Street, Acton MA 01720, 978.264.0584

Four-pitch and mini-combs.

The minicombs are ~2" "peasant" combs. They come in single- and double-pitch. There is a small eye at the end of the handles. If you have an Ashford Traditional, I've learned that you can unscrew the knob that you use to raise the mother-of-all, then re-screw it in going through the eye on the handle. This provides a stable base you can pull against. Their Dutch combs are some of the 6" peasant combs. The bottom of this site lists their three types of hand cards: regular, cotton, and mini-cotton.

The McDermott Textile Machine Company,
2246 Pesek Road, East Jordan, Michigan 49727, 231.536.2779. This firm sells large, mechanized wool carders.

The Merlin Tree
Kath & David Paul, 2093 Barton Road, West Glover, VT, 802.754.6433

Mini-Mills Ltd.
Based in Canada, this firm makes a whole variety of equipment for fiber producers. (Producers in a fairly big way.)

They will be introducing a squirrel cage swift this year (1998).

Mountain Spring USA
Based in Oregon, this firm makes a variety of tools for spinners.

Palanca Farma
These are the combs originally crafted by David McNickle of Craftsmith.

Paraiso Enterprises
Byron Kindig and John Plutchak's site carries hand-crafted spindles.

Ray's Spinning Accessories
Located in Canada, Ray makes various tools for spinners.

Alvin Ramers
Based in Canada, Alvin makes both English and mini combs. A source for them is The Wheel Thing.

Ray's Spinning Accessories
Located in Canada, Ray makes various tools for spinners.

Rick Reeves sold his business to Stuhr Enterprises -- but is still involved with some of the work.

Running Moon Farm
Located in Dry Creek, LA.

Simple Market Farms
Jeanne & Paul Hubbard make spindles and other tools for spinners.

Susan's Needleworks
Located in BC, Canada, Susan makes a both a full-sized and sample niddy-noddy.

Peter Teal
Peter and Jaque make both four- and five-pitch combs. Woodcross Farm, Foxhole Lane, Creech St. Michael, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 5RA, England. 011-44-1823-442880,

Tynsell Handspinners
Tynsell Handspinning Supplies, 53 Cross Green Rd,Huddersfield, HD5 9XX,Phone: 148 453 4273. Wool combs and Hackles, Flax Hackles etc. By appointment only.

Valkyrie Wool Combs
The Valkyrie combs are ~6" "peasant" combs. They comb in single- and double-pitch. The Valkyrie folks also are a source of the Turkish spindles.

Waterproof Yarn Blocker
Wooly Designs carries a waterproof yarn blocker.

Peter Wolters of America, Inc.
There was a reference on the net that this company sells carding cloth. hmmm...

Woodchuck Products
PO Box 1138, Taos,NM 87571
21568 121 Avenue, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3S4

Woolhouse Tools
This company provides skein winder, bobbin winder, multi-pitch combs, and ball winder. 4755 Knob Hill Road, Armstrong, BC, Canada V0E 1B4, 250.546.6940

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