Software for Textile Artists

This collection of URLs is maintained in an effort to make information available to the textile community.

If you would like to have a site listed, please send email to: Rosemary Brock

The Art of Knitting
A training and information DVD.

Art Affair
So, you've decided to start selling your finished work. This software handles the logistics.

Cochenille Design Studio Software
This includes software for knitting machines and other, non-weaving interests.

Designa Knit Software
The internet source for this knit software.

Designer Software, Inc.
Information on MillSpec, Surfacemagic, WeaveMaker One, WeaveMaker Professional, and WeaveNet,

Digital Weaving Norway
I suspect that this company's software is geared more for the larger commercial weaver.

This is a software version of Nancy's Knit-Kards.

Fiberworks PCW
For multi-shaft weaving, this software comes in several versions.

Applications for Palm PDAs to track knitting projects.

Hi Fiber Design
Deanna Johnson's software for cardweavers.

House of Tartans
If you need to find the family tartan, this is the place to start!

Located in India, this company sells software for designing strips, checks, and tartans.

Part of the Patternworks family.

Maple Hill Software
Maple Hill produces Patternland for the Windows community.

NeedleTrax, The Sole Solution, Sock Yardage Calculator, Sorta Sideways Sox! A series of software packages to aid textile workers.

Origin, Inc.
Located in New York, these designers will help you to design the fabric. They also offer classes in using PhotoShop as a CAD tool for textiles.

Pattern Creation Software
This software is not textile-specific, but I look at it and I see weavings and knittings and ...

Software to help create a customized patterns for your sewing.
This site where you can download shareware by subject and platform. So you can find software for weaving and knitting and ...

Softstitch Software
For knitters.

Software Directory for Fiber Artists
From Lois Larsen.

Software for Needlework
Kathleen Dyer has amased an interesting collection of sites.

The weaving design software for Mac users sold through AVL.

Artlandia's SymmetryWorks is a plug-in for Adobe Illustrator that automates the creation of symmetry-based surface designs. It can be used to design for various applications in weaving, knitting, quilting, and embroidery.

Sally Breckenridge's weaving program for Windows. sigh.

WeavePoint Exchange
Elizabeth Tritthart uses several of the software packages and creates wonderful stuff. She also maintains a weaving file exchange to encourage you to try new projects with your licensed software.

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