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Clothes Moth
Ohio State University Extension's fact sheet. This is a great site complete with drawings.

Eradication of Insects from Wool Textiles by Barbara M. Reagan
A wonderful article from the JAIC.

Keeping your Fibers Safe from Moths
Sandy Sitzman, Woolgatherings, offers her comments about protecting your fiber from moths.

Moth Protection for Woolen Apparell
The Nebraska Cooperative Extension site offers information about how to protect your wool.

Marie-Christine Mahe is a long-time friend and a fine writer.

Museum Pest Identification
Insects Limted's page introduces their "dirty dozen" of textile pests.

Questions and Answers about Insects that Damage Wool and Woolen Fabrics
A FAQ by Whitney Cranshaw, from Ron's Fiber page.

Urban Entomology
Walter Ebeling's paper on "Pests of Fabrics and Paper" includes color plates.

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