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Basket Making
From the Knolik site, information on basket making.

Basketry Artists
A link to artists doing work with basketry.

Baskets, etc.
A site to exchange information on basketry.

Basketry Sources
A link to sources for basket making.

Basket Weaving: Old Tradition to New Art Form
This U. of Arizona site describes the progression of basket weaving among the Native Americans in the southwest.

Display and Care of Baskets
From the Penny Nii site, information on the care of your baskets.

Hopi Basketry
From the NativeWeb site, information on Prof. Carol Jolles' Anthropology 310b, Spring Quarter 1995 class.

Indian Basket Museum
Located in Tahoe City, CA this museum houses this collection of over 800 rare baskets, dolls, and artifacts from the Marion Steinbach collection.

Native American Coil Basketry
From the NativeTech site, information on this baskets made with this technique.

Nipmuc Splint Basketry
From the NativeTech site, information on this split wood basket.

Tips & Tutorials
From the site.

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