Amount of Twist
How much twist do you need?

Bobbin Leaders
Some comments on how to make bobbin leads.

Double Knit Cap
A tricky bit of knitting that is a fun way to use up bits of handspun.

Felted Cat Toys
A project that can be done with kids. Or adults. Or even by yourself.

How many Bobbins are Enough?
A lot of spinners think they need to have a lot of bobbins for their wheel. By using storage bobbins, you don't need to have that many expensive bobbins.

A Letter to SpinOff
A letter to SpinOff about the terms woolen and worsted.

Information on labeling your hand-crafted items.

Mail Lists Netiquette
Some guidelines for using the internet.

McMorrin Balance
This is a funny little tool.

Plying Comments
These are comments that I wrote up for one of the mail lists.

Socks for Elders
Having proven that sock are fun to knit, here's a good use for your socks.

Spinning to the Crimp
My attempt to explain how to spin the yarn suitable for the fleece.

Storage Bobbins
Part of my on-going encouragement for spinners to use storage bobbins. A related article isHow many Bobbins are Enough?.

Teaching Spinning
How I teach spinning.

Things to be Thankful For
We've all had friends who helped us with spinning.

Thinking of Others
Some good ways to use up excess yarn and help others.

What to Take with You
Have you ever gone to spin at a workshop or at a friend's and discovered that you were missing ...

Wheel Tune Up Time
Wheels don't need a lot, but they do need some maintenance.

Why Take Classes...
There must be more to this than the pure joy of hauling everything you own to a workshop.

Wool Allergies
Many people think they're allergic to wool, but perhaps they're allergic to how the wool was prepared.

Wool & Mohair Grades
There are three different standards of wool grading done. This leads to a great confusion about what kind of wool that is being described.

Wool Breeds
This table lists some of the more common wool breeds, sorted by fiber size.

Woolen, Semi-Woolen, Semi-Worsted, Worsted Spinning
How do you decide what kind of yarn to produce? Here's a suggestion on how to make a consious choice.

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