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Recently there's been an awful lot of news about the tremendous need for donations for people in the world in need of help. There's been a lot of news coverage for the flood victims in South America. And, at least locally, we've also had news coverage claiming that because of the amount of donations for the South Americans, there are even fewer donations for the local charities.

To be blunt, for many Americans, spinning is an activity for people with a certain amount of discretionary money. Most spinners aren't dependent upon this as their only means of livelihood or clothing their family. In my case, I spin because I find it relaxing and a good counterpoint to my work. I spin because I enjoy the process and friends and family seem to enjoy the end result.

I also know a tremendous number of spinners who do nothing with their yarn but fondle the skeins and then hide them away. I'd like to suggest a few alternatives to stuffing yet another skein of yarn into that back closet. Make something like a hat, scarf, or baby blanket and pass it on to one of the many charities looking for donations. And if you're not a knitter or a weaver, I suspect that you could check around and find someone who would share the labor with you. You supply the yarn and they supply the knitting.

In the current "Knit News" from the folks at Interweave Press they have an article on "Lighten you stash, help a good cause". Another source of charities is the list maintained at the Woolworks site. The Pine Meadow Knitting News maintains another list of places looking for knit donations.

A few sites to get you started are listed below. I've gone ahead and listed some national parent organizations that are always looking for donations.

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