Dateline: 12/9/97

Socks are a terrific project for handspinners. First of all, they take relatively little yarn. Secondly, they are a portable project -- easy to carry around and work on while waiting in line. And finally, handspun, handknit socks are a joy to wear.

For me, the main charm is it is a quick burst of satisfaction. You can easily spin the yarn and knit the socks within a just a few days. And I am always amazed about the amount of work I can get done in 'found' time; waiting at stop lights, in line at the grocery store, even waiting for a slow site to load.

If you knit a sock out of a fine, cabled yarn, you will have socks that will last forever. My favorite cabled yarn for socks is made up of three two-plys. This is 30% less spinning than a 3/3 cable and makes a much finer yarn. We have socks that I spun five or six years ago that are showing almost no wear-and-tear.

Even a pair knit out of a chunky, two-ply will still last for a couple of years. Even for my daughter in Alaska who wears them like slippers around her home. I would encourage you to knit with a tighter gauge as a way of compensating for the lower twist yarn.

A variety of sites to help you with your sock knitting can be found at:

Besides that above links, there are several excellent books out on socks. Some of them are listed below:

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