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When I was learning how to spin everybody told me that I should learn on a drop spindle first before learning on a wheel, so I tried it. I found it very frustrating and extremely unrewarding. I was lucky and found a cheap wheel for sale through the classified ads in a small local paper, so I bought it and used it to learn how to spin. Once I decided that spinning was something that I liked to do and would continue to do regularly, I bought a really nice wheel. I didn't take a formal class until I'd been spinning for about 2 years -- all I had was some initial instructions from a friend and lots of books (many from the library). I should also add that my spinning improved drastically after a few classes!

Now that I think that I am a fairly good spinner, I can use a drop spindle easily, and find it very non-frustrating and rewarding to play with. It wasn't until I understood the principles of spinning that I understood how to use a drop spindle correctly (so it didn't drop every 5 seconds or overtwist the yarn).

At SOAR'92, one of the most popular classes was taught by Rita Buchanan on using a drop spindle. Many people who were accomplished spinners on a wheel had a real phobia about spinning on a drop spindle, due to early bad experiences.

So, different things work for different folks. If you do get a drop spindle (and they are cheap -- $4-$8 generally) and you can't get it to work, don't decide that spinning isn't for you. Check out some other sources (the suggestion about beginning spinning classes is a good one), or find someone who spins who can help you out.

If you do buy a drop spindle, keep a few things in mind:

Good luck!

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